The chairperson organises and chairs the meetings, writes newsletters, keeps social media up to date, organises the general administration of the charity and is the main point of communication with school.


The vice chair works together with the chairperson to share the load of the above responsibilities.


The treasurers oversee all things financial and compiles the annual treasurer’s report. The treasurers do the physical banking, organises floats, counts the money after events, processes expenses forms and ensures our insurance, etc. is renewed.


The secretary takes the minutes at each meeting, writes these up and ensures they are forwarded to all parents.

If you would like to contact any of us, please email

Gemma Gilbert


Gemma is a mum to two boys, Lewis and William. Both are just starting their time at Lingfield Primary.

Emma Turner


Emma is mum to three boys. Finley in is Year 1, Ethan in Reception and Sammy will be joining them in a few years.

Susannah Warburton


Susie works at the school as a Teaching Assistant and her daughter, Georgia, is in year 1

Neil Patel


Lucy and Neil have 2 lovely children.
Their eldest, Sachin, is in Reception.

Rhian Mewis


Rhian has 2 children at Lingfield Primary.
Seth in year 4 and Zoe in year 3.

Camilla Baldry


Camilla is mum to Chase and Mya. Chase started at the school in 2015 and Mya started in 2017.

Sharon Paixao-Oliveira


Sharon has Joaquin in year 1 and Millie will start nursery next year.

Lucy Gilding


Lucy and Neil have 2 lovely children. Their eldest, Sachin, is in Reception.


These are our current class representatives for each year group. They will help to relay information from meetings to other parents in your year group. They also help organise social events, class stalls and other fundraising activities. Feel free to say hello and find out more about what the LPSA are up to!

You’ll notice we also have a few vacancies – if you are interested in being a class representative, please contact us.

Class Representative(s)
Nursery TBC
Reception R Emma Marsh and Rebecca Williams
Reception G Helen Lintern
Year 1B TBC
Year 1P Callie Salter
Year 2A Tracey Shaw
Year 2B Millie Owens
Year 3C Vicky Streat & Bernadette Jenkins
Year 3F Pip Sedgwick & Demelza Critoph
Year 4B Jessica Janes & Seonaid Bentley
Year 4C TBC
Year 5T Alyson Rogers & Laura Jackson
Year 5H TBC
Year 6S TBC
Year 6H TBC